IRCD Hosting

IRCD accounts are for people who want to run their own IRC network or expand their existing one. Each login is on a separate server, spread between multiple datacenters.

See a map of all server locations along with up-to-date server stats

IRCD hosting in available the following locations:

  • Chicago, IL, USA
  • Los Angeles, CA, USA
More location information here.
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Server List:


All IRCD Packages Include:

  • Same day account activation (average within hours)
  • No Service Setup Fees. Optional setup fee for us to setup your IRCD/services.
  • Choice of Server and Location
  • Private IP Address, Full DNS (
  • DNS Hosting with full control via our DNS Panel
  • Access to public IRC Virtual Hostnames (VHosts)
  • Custom/Private Vhosts Available
  • FREE IPv6 IPs/Vhosts
  • Personal Webspace (
  • Apache virtual host available by request (
  • Unlimited SSH (secure shell) and FTP Access
  • FreeBSD shell access
  • Easy to use automated installation scripts
  • Full Access to Compilers, UNIX programs & Crontab
  • MySQL or PostgreSQL Database (optional)
  • Unmetered Bandwidth & Datatransfer
  • Network Monitoring, 14 Day Backup System
  • Fast, Free 24/7 Email & Live Technical Support
  • Programming languages such as C/C++, Ruby, Perl, PHP, TCL & Python
  • Development/UNIX tools such as git, mercurial (hg), subversion (svn), automake, vim, gdb, nano, rsync & screen
  • Libraries such as mysqltcl, libcurl & openssl

Allowed and Supported Daemons:

  • UnrealIRCD, InspIRCd, Ultimat IRCD, ViagraIRCD
  • Bahamut (Dalnet), ircu (Undernet), charybdis
  • ratbox & hybrid (Efnet), Anope (popular IRC services)
  • bopm and NeoStats, atheme services
  • IRC Bouncer (BNC) Applications
  • PsyBNC, eZBounce, shroudBNC, bnc 2.6, Muh & znc
  • Eggdrop, Psotnic & Wraith botpack
  • Coded botpacks, Perl and TCL bots
  • BitchX, Epic and Irssi, screen & lynx
  • Development software

Not allowed:

  • Non-IRC Proxies. We have a separate Web Proxy service
  • Sharing of copyrighted material
  • Streaming services such as Teamspeak, Ventrilo, or Shoutcast
  • War/Drone/DoS bots, spam, phishing, scanning, exploits, flooding, or hacking tools.
  • Any illegal activity
  • If in doubt please consult Section C of our Terms of Service or ask us