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Number of Public Vhosts: 133
Operating System: FreeBSD
Uptime: 80 days, 23 hours, 46 minutes, 24 seconds

Awknet Communications
Location: Los Angeles, CA, US

DDoS Protected

Awknet specializes in denial of service mitigation for dedicated and colocated customers. All dedicated servers are connected via 100Mbps fast-ethernet.

The typical flood is blocked instantly or mitigated to the point where it does not affect performance.

Network Information

Awknet specializes in offering DoS/DDoS protection services. We utilize state of the art filtering techniques on our multi-gigabit equipped network to identify and deny DoS/DDoS traffic, before it can disrupt normal traffic.


Awknet utilizes all gigabit and ten-gigabit ethernet equipment to connect to the internet. All customer servers are connected via 100Mbps dedicated ports. This ensures customers will not experience any internal network bottlenecks common with other providers. Our bandwidth blend includes transit from Xeex (AS27524) and Mzima (AS25973).
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