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Welcome to Xzibition Data Communications

We are in business to provide the best possible internet services at competitive prices, with unbeatable legendary customer service and support. We will always keep the customers needs in focus and strive to enhance the customers experience, while building a solid business relationship.

We provide affordable, feature-packed Web Hosting, Anonymous Web Proxies, UNIX Shells, BNC Shells, IRC Shells, and IRCD Hosting services to hundreds of customers world wide. We have the globalized network to fit your hosting needs. Server locations are spread among multiple datacenters.

After signing up for our services it wont take you long to find out why we are the number one provider of internet services in our market today. We are confident you will find no better value for your money.

Our servers are hosted in USA, Germany, England, France and Hungary at some of the best Data Centers in the World with multiple high speed connections to the internet. Operating on fast networks consisting of multiple OC* Lines to backbone connections such as Sprint, Allegience, at&t, XO, and Level 3 Communications and quite a few others. All connections are scalable to upper OC* Classes if needed and linked via a 100mb/s switch. You will be delivered at high-speed with stability and reliability.

Xzibition has been setting the standard for reliability and performance in our industry since 2001 and will be around for years to come. We are goal oriented and focused on providing the best possible service.

Signup today for reliable and stable shell, ircd, bnc, and web hosting!