Dedicated Servers

Dedicated Servers allow you to have full and private control of your server. You are not limited by how many users you may add, or how much CPU you may use as most VPS services do. This is a non-shared and non-managed server.

These are perfect for business hosting needs including but not limited to: shell hosting, large website hosting, VPS hosting, large network ircd hosting (see irc allowed), large database hosting or development of large and resource intensive applications.

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Sorry but we are currently sold out of dedicated servers. Please check back later.
GEO Location: Secaucus, NJ, USA

Other server options:


  • Tier 1 IPv4 & bandwidth: Level(3), Sprint, Global
  • Crossings, XO, Private and public peering
  • Cisco powered, BGPv4 based self-healing network
  • 100Mbps switch port on a private vlan
  • 99.99% Server availability SLA
  • 24/7 Server monitoring
  • 99.99% Network / Power uptime guarantee
  • 24x7 Toll-free technical support
  • 2 Hours hardware replacement guarantee
  • Less then 24 hours Server install guarantee
  • Wide variety of operating systems available:
  • CentOS, RedHat Enterprise, Fedora, Gentoo, Ubuntu
  • Debian, FreeBSD, Windows 2003 &
  • Easy to manage control panels available
  • cPanel (w/ Fantastico &), Plesk, DirectAdmin
  • Free data transfer between compatible platforms
  • Reverse DNS re-delegation for easier management
  • NO Setup fees!

Network Information

Speed :: Powered by a mesh of 10Gbps ethernet connections, our regional network is connected to multiple Tier 1 IP backbone providers as well as public and private peering points. JustEdge uses only best routing and switching equipment from Juniper Networks and Cisco Systems for maximum throughput.

Intelligent Routing :: JustEdge Networks utilizes intelligent BGPv4 routing protocol to provide fastest, fail-safe routing. We route your traffic to fastest and closest backbone provider or peering partner to your user to achieve maximum speed with lowest latency.

Redundancy :: Along with full automatic redundancy of BGPv4, we maintain N+1 ( needed + 1 ) network upgrade policy to ensure that we always have a spare router and/or connection available for immediate fail-over during even toughest moments.

Scalability :: JustEdge buys IP transit bandwidth from only Tier 1 providers such as Sprint, Level3, Global Crossings,, XO, Tiscali. All transit connections are routed over multiple 1Gbps ethernet links which gives us multi-gigibit data capacity for virtually unlimited scalability.

Peace of mind :: We stand by our network with one of the highest in industry SLA (Service Level Agreement) so you can rest assured that your customer will receive the highest bandwidth quality available.

Immediate Response :: Our network is supported by some of the finest engineers with multi-year experience running and building networks for top providers such as UUnet (MCI Worldcomm), Qwest, XO. Our network engineers carry certification from top network equipment vendors such as Cisco, Juniper Network, Nortel Network, Extreme Networks and more.